Dance Room

About Development


This is an individual project that needs to be finished within 26 hours.
Requirements including sitemap, wireframe, mockup, code and develoment.


Front-end Development

It is a fully responsive website. The photos page uses fancybox,
in the contact page there is a form with word count
that allows to type up till 500 characters. 


Back-end Development

The photos and events are updatable from the admin page. 
CKeditor is set on the event form and 
content that is typed will instantly appear on the right side of the screen
so that user can simulate what is typed.
Events, and Photos are editable, deletable.



Dance Room - Events
Dance Room - Photos
Dance Room mobile - Events
Dance Room mobile - Photos
Dance Room mobile - Contact


Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoyed this website.
Feel free to contact me to say hi, or if I can do anything for you.