Emi’s Kicks

About Development


Create the brand logo and the style guideline.
Requirement is the style guideline document,
including description of the brand, logo design, colour palette, typography guidelnes 
and how photos should be used in this brand's marketing materials.
Must be created in Illustrator.


Given Brand Image

Emi's Kicks is a shoe store selling fashion sneakers for kids and adults.
They're well known for stocking styles not sold elsewhere,
lots of fun colours and upcoming trendy styles.
The brand keywords are "cool, unique, and fun."


About Logo

The logo image symbolizes the shoe lace. 
The colour of the shoe lace represents the keyword of cool, unique and fun.
The Typeface shows welcome feeling for both kids and for adults
who looks for fashionable trendy style of shoes.



Emi's Kicks Guideline1
Emi's Kicks Guideline6


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